We suspect you might be heading out this weekend for some holiday shopping. Whichever end of the county you explore for unique gifts, great coffee isn’t far away. When you’re ready for a break, check out one of these locally owned coffee shops.


533 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz

This year, Coffeeville relocated from the distant reaches of Boulder Creek right into the heart of Santa Cruz. It’s already quite a hit!

Husband and wife Mike and Kendra put their heart into this delightful, charmingly yellow shop, tucked away on Ocean Street between Water and Soquel. They take pride in their dedication to excellent, sustainably sourced ingredients. Even Coffeeville’s syrup is homemade and organic!

The couple’s passion for coffee and hospitality translates into a quiet, relaxed atmosphere with excellent customer service. Their delicious offerings are so reasonably priced that Coffeeville has been dubbed the “Blue Collar Coffee” place.

Pacific Roasting Company and Café

Aptos Center, 7554 Soquel Drive, Aptos

This classically styled café is located in Aptos Center, which usually assures you’ll find plenty of parking. Pacific Roasting boasts a wide variety of drip coffees, popular acai bowls, gelato, Mexican Ibara chocolate, and more. All that deliciousness and variety makes it popular with both locals and visitors to the county.

Beautifully maintained, comfortable, and clean, the shop boasts a welcoming, friendly feel. An elegant and tempting display of desserts represents the owner’s high culinary standards. Bring your friends; there’s plenty of seating, both indoors and out.

Heather’s Made to Go

75 Mount Hermon Road, Scotts Valley

As the name implies, Heather’s is none other than a high-quality drive-through coffee stand. Located close to Highway 17 in a small shopping center, the stand is convenient to swing through on your way in or out of Scotts Valley. There’s a small seating area, but the main attraction is the drive-through convenience.

The owner apparently understands the warp and woof of fast food service. What’s unique about this little place is it never fails to deliver excellent coffee and snacks at record speeds. The chalked menu advises customers to call in their order while they wait in line. Brilliant!

Heather’s Made to Go drinks can be customized, without a hint of grumpiness. The staff are known for their friendly, fun attitudes. Customers rave about the positive, upbeat atmosphere.

Coffee Nine

9505 Highway 9, Ben Lomond

Coffee Nine should be called the “Insomniac’s Haven.” This popular shop opens at 4:30 a.m., Monday through Friday!

Coffee Nine has the small-town, comfortable feel that residents of San Lorenzo Valley prize. Conveniently located on Highway 9 as you breeze through Ben Lomond, it’s a favorite choice of locals and visitors alike.

The shop offers a wide variety of delicious coffee, sandwiches, smoothies, breakfast burritos, and treats, all at reasonable prices. There’s a good selection of decaffeinated coffees, too. You’ll find sufficient parking behind the shop, and you’ll enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. See you at 4:30!

Verve Coffee

1540 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz

104 Bronson St., Santa Cruz

816 41st Ave., Santa Cruz

1010 Fair Ave., Santa Cruz

No coffee round-up would be complete without a mention of Verve Coffee! Verve has spacious, clean shops in four locations (see above), and enjoys a top-rate reputation among coffee lovers in Santa Cruz County.

The founders of Verve live for the coffee process and experience. "From Farmlevel to Streetlevel" is part of their passionate manifesto. They roast their coffee right here in Santa Cruz, with utmost care and craftmanship.

Patrons love the coffee and hip atmosphere. Comments on Yelp include: "Perfectly crafted every time," "The coffee and atmosphere is phenomenal," "Super cool and hipster inside" and more!

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