During the selling process, your agent may gather some buyer feedback. Listing agents solicit buyer feedback at open houses and from agents who have shown your home to potential buyers. They use this valuable input to fine tune their selling strategies.

First, the bad news: In some cases, buyer feedback indicates you may need to perform repairs and cosmetic fixes, or even change your asking price. Several types of feedback about your home may emerge:

  • Some comments are subtle hints that the home is priced too high. For example, “Too small” can mean “There’s a bigger home for same price nearby.”
  • Multiple comments about needed repairs or cosmetic fixes suggest you should address the issue.
  • Complaints about unalterable factors, such as floor plan or neighborhood, might mean you should reduce your asking price.

A skilled listing agent looks for patterns in buyer feedback. If a dated kitchen puts off just one buyer, for example, the home’s price may be low enough to offset the issue. If everyone complains, you might want to make cosmetic adjustments or lower your asking price. Your agent can also weed out unreasonable comments, which may be the unfounded critiques of inexperienced buyers.

Now, the good news: Home staging can dramatically influence a buyer’s perception of space, quality, and potential. Like an unassuming picture frame, staging quietly accentuates the home’s positive attributes. For example:

  • A small living room becomes an impressive gathering place when clutter and extra furniture are removed. Position remaining furniture to emphasize the room’s best feature—a picture window, perhaps, or a slate-surround fireplace.
  • Instead of putting buyers off, that dated kitchen might wow them with refaced cabinets, new hardware, and a deep cleaning.
  • A boring bedroom becomes an inviting retreat with new drapes, a couple of chic lamps, and properly scaled artwork.

Hiring a professional stager pays off. In some cases, professional direction can raise buyers’ perceptions of your home with just a coat of paint and thoughtfully rearranged furniture. Now you’re on track to receive some positive buyer feedback—and hopefully a few strong offers!

Most of us tend to perceive our home as the gem of the neighborhood, and buyer feedback might take us by surprise. The objective input of a good listing agent will keep you on track to receive viable offers. An agent who has your best interests at heart will address feedback issues cost-effectively, whether the solution involves staging, remodeling, or a combination.

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