You know your laundry room/basement/mudroom with the not-too-glamorous flooring? Well, there’s a trend afoot to include that humble space in your home’s overall good looks. Homeowners are sprucing up their utility rooms—and why not? It’s an affordable way to transform a place you may spend quite a bit of time.

New flooring is an easy way to upgrade a utility room. Vinyl flooring is the fastest growing segment of the flooring industry. And in that segment, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a great choice for these small rooms.

Vinyl has come a long way since the 1980’s. LVT is created with a photographic technology. It’s incredibly realistic. This technology also allows homeowners to customize looks in ways they never could before. Options include traditional tile, marble, granite, concrete, and brick. There are even metallic varieties, which add pizzazz to small rooms.

Some LVT varieties are waterproof, making LVT a perfect option for half-baths and laundry rooms. LVT products are virtually identical to the materials they mimic, so you can have the latest hardwood, stone, or tile trends. The realistic technology makes it a close competitor with engineered hardwood.

And LVT will have no trouble keeping up with the latest trends. Popular wood colors in 2017 include dark stains, such as ebony and walnut. Greys are also in demand. Wire brushed finish is a stylish look that gives a subtle, lived-in texture—not as obvious as distressed wood, but effectively enhancing the grain’s natural beauty. Farmhouse planks and weathered looks are also well liked.

LVT requires less maintenance than laminate. It offers more versatility. It’s less expensive and easier to install than real wood. It also comes in rolls, making installation even easier.

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